Candidate Development

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Career Coaching

With 23 years of successful candidate sourcing, recruiting and placement – you will gain access to and build an instant “insiders” network of HR professionals and other recruiters who are eager to hire YOU.

Step by step and easy to follow program takes you from resume creation to pre and post-interviews, to negotiating your compensation package

Set up your “passive search” tools – as well as fine-tune your “active search” approach

Learn how to use social media and job boards to get through to the actual hiring manager or decision maker. Don’t just be another rejected (or unseen) candidate…learn to navigate the system, so you are the one who gets the call back (and lands the job).

Interview coaching – for the nervous or under-achieving candidate. We will help you practice and prepare before the interview. After sitting through thousands of interviews for 20+ years, our perspective will be kind, gentle…but very honest. We will also leave you with a fail-proof system of winning the interview.

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Resume Building & Review

Leverage our 20 years of experience creating, evaluating & optimizing resumes for findability using AI (Artificial Intelligence) & ATS (Applications Tracking Systems)
• Seasoned Sourcing Recruiter – See your resume(s) through the eyes of the recruiter or human resource professional
• Learn the difference between your “profile resume” and your actual “send-out” resume (and cover letter)
• Learn our unique “Reverse Engineering” that will help you land your next career opportunity

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